2021 NAFWS National Award Nominations

Nominate individuals for their outstanding contributions to Tribal Conservation by September 24,2021.


This individual should be working in the capacity of a director, manager, leader or similar position. This person is recognized for their exceptional work. This person is someone who has worked to develop their program in the name of fish and wildlife protection, preservation and enhancement or has worked with an agency that has made significant and positive impacts to and in Indian country. This person is someone who has dedicated their life and work to fish, wildlife and natural resources.
This individual is one who has spent many hours outdoors collecting data and using that information to educate fellow Tribal and agency personnel in the importance of their work. This person is one who works to manage diverse projects for their Tribe. They cover many geographic areas, work with multiple agencies, use technical skills in gathering and managing information, understand traditional ecological knowledge, but most importantly promotes the importance of the science to protect fish and wildlife.
This award will go to an individual that works in the capacity of a Conservation Officer, game warden, fish and game officer or in a similar capacity. This person has the training and experience in carrying themselves in a professional manner while working in a law enforcement capacity.