2023 Southwest Regional Conference Award Nomination Form

Please include your name and email, as well as the name, email, and reason for nomination for every person you would like to put forward as a nominee.

Biologist of the Year Award

Fish or Wildlife biologist of a tribe/nation who has excelled and enhanced their tribal/nation management and/or developed specific management objectives. the importance of the science to protect fish and wildlife.

Technician of the Year Award

Fish/Wildlife Technician or any NR technician who has gone above and beyond their position to enhance, develop and provide dedication to their respective tribal/nation wildlife/fisheries/natural resources program/department, and/or accomplished a specific goal/objective for their program/department.

Conservation Officer of the Year Award

awarded to a CLEO who has excelled and gone above their duties, performed and complete tasks which highlighted their department and/or completed an investigation which benefitted their tribe/nation, and/or otherwise had an exceptional activity which benefitted their tribe/nation.

Administrative Staff of the Year Award

Awarded to the backbone of our respective departments, the administrative folks who keep our programs/departments running smoothly, and has performed above and beyond their duties.

Emerging Professional of the Year Award

awarded for new biologist/NR staff who may have started with a Tribe and has been noticed as an outstanding staff who has great potential for their respective program/department.

Southwest Leadership Award

awarded to a director, program manager, manager, department head who has dedicated their career to the wildlife, fisheries, law enforcement and overall natural resource for their respective tribe/nation, representing not only their tribe/nation, but all tribes in the Southwest. Being a voice for all wildlife, fish, habitat and conservation, and incorporating their respective traditional indigenous knowledge in the management of natural resources of their tribe/nation.