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By: Conservation Officer A.Martinez

What is a Conservation Law Enforcement Officer to you? Many of us work in the back country of our reservations. Protecting the wildlife, fish and our land. Could you consider the job an ethical warrior/ protector?  It can mean many things to many people. In the field work of Law Enforcement it is our duty to protect  and serve.  Protect those against harm and evil and serve with integrity, honor and humility. How will my decisions effect others?

Will my friends and family be proud of the decisions I make when no one is watching? Will you do what is morally right even if it is hard or dangerous? It’s import ant  to always be prepared and ready for the unexpected. More importantly, its not about defeating “the bad guy” its about protecting everyone involved. The harsh reality is that not every person is good and people want to cause harm  and they will take extreme measures if possible. Bystanders and victims  would like to hope they have an ethical warrior to protect them when harm shows up. This is where the knowledge and training of an officer comes into play. As an officer I decided to become a certified Defensive Tactics Instructor. Not only to protect myself and others, but to give back and share my techniques and knowledge with those who want to build their own skills and knowledge to become proficient  in the protection of self, others and always be the one who goes home alive everyday.  I became a certified instructor at the Nevada State POST Academy taught by many knowledgeable and highly trained instructors. The class was a 40 hour course consisting of classroom time, written exams and lots and lots of physically demanding training.  It takes a lot work keeping the training fresh in my mind and working the skills in the gym. I believe Its better to have something and not need it, than not have something and need it. More importantly its about going home at the end of the day to protect and defend the ones you love. To be trusted and build the trust of those who are watching. To have the knowledge and  ability to act effectively and ethically under adversity and autonomic impulses. To overcome emotional stress in combat situations. To protect, serve and overcome. Also, I am looking forward in participating and being an instructor at our upcoming South West Conservation Law Enforcement Officer training in July. Hope to see you there.

Warriors Creed
Wherever I go ,
everyone is a little safer because I am there.
Wherever I am,
Anyone in need has a friend.
When I return home,
Everyone is happy I am there.