Wildlife Water Resources Initiative

Native American Fish and Wildlife Society wants to work with Tribes in the SW Region!

It is well known that tribes in the southwest region have a particularly precarious situation with water resources especially in times of drought. This project aims to determine the current state of tribes’ water resources, any ongoing water resource projects, as well as future projects that may assist the tribe in sustaining the current and historic wildlife resources present on the land. As we all know water is the main necessity in keeping wildlife on reservation lands. The importance of wildlife on indigenous lands has been recognized and recorded since time immemorial. The end goal of the project is to gauge the sincere need for funding for wildlife water resources in the southwest region. This need will include 10 to 15 shovel ready projects across the southwest region with hopes of federal funding in the coming years.

We would be honored if your tribe would be interested in participating in this project. Participation in this project will assist not only your tribe, but all tribes in the Southwest. If a monetary need for funding can be truly expressed through data collection and mapping the federal government will be more likely to support these efforts. What I am asking from you is leadership support for this project and access to natural resource staff and information in order to assist your tribe in surveying and cataloging its current wildlife water resources and determining which, if any, projects can be undertaken in a timely and efficient manner.

If you have additional questions, please contact Deb Anyaibe at 505- 903-4814 or by email at [email protected].

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