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NAFWS has Individual and Tribal memberships

We are glad you want to become a member. Many of our members include tribal natural resource managers, tribal environmental professionals, tribal technicians, tribal conservation law officers, government professionals, non-government individuals, state and private individuals, tribal elders and youth, and organizations, families. As a member, we share with you information on legislative, bio-technical, economic, legal, fiscal, and enforcement programs to help form a progressive agenda of tribal management pursuits.
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Persons who are dedicated to the protection, preservation, enhancement and prudent use, management and development of tribal fish and wildlife resources. Voting. Eligible for Member benefits.



Any federally recognized Tribe with a resolution of support for NAFWS AND paid membership fees. Non-Voting. Eligible for Member benefits.

OR download and complete these PDFs. Please email back to us. INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP / TRIBAL MEMBERSHIP

Conference Sponsorship

NAFWS holds an annual conference that brings together fish and wildlife managers, technicians, conservation law enforcement officers, biologists and others who are dedicated to preserving and enhancing tribal natural resources. NAFWS needs donations to offset the cost of these highly productive conferences. 

In Recognition of Their Support

The Native American Fish and Wildlife Society would like to thank those organizations that provided us with support over the years. With them we grew an effective national communications network for the exchange of information and management techniques related to self-determined tribal fish and wildlife management.

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