Native American Fish and Wildlife Society Training Policy

The purpose of this document is to describe the Native American Fish & Wildlife Society’s (NAFWS) Training Policy (Policy). NAFWS, Board Members, consultants, member tribe representatives, and individual members that commit to attend NAFWS organized and/or sponsored training are required to meet certain requirements as part of training objectives. This Policy will ensure that NAFWS sponsored training serves the interests of NAFWS and its members and complies with NAFWS funding agreements. 


The purpose of training is to provide participants with professional development opportunities to increase skills and enhance knowledge in various aspects of fish and wildlife conservation management. In support of tribal fish and wildlife conservation management, the NAFWS offers and partners with entities devoted to our mission. Professional development can be obtained through attendance at conferences (national and regional), specialized training courses and webinars that provide training in performing essential job functions and knowledge. 


Due to high demands and limited space for our events, this Policy addresses the participation and attendance requirements associated with NAFWS sponsored training opportunities. Procedures for managing, planning, and executing training opportunities are time consuming, costly and labor intensive so the objective of this Policy is to give adequate and fair opportunity for our members to avail from training.   


X00.2 SCOPE 


All employees, Board Members, member tribe representatives, individual members, and paid registrants are subject to this Policy’s requirements. Consultants and other contractors will also be subject to this Policy if specified in their contract with the NAFWS. 




Training materials will be reviewed and evaluated by NAFWS for accuracy, clarity, completeness, and perceived effectiveness. 




X00.4.1 Training Authorization 


Authorization for all NAFWS training must be pre-approved by the Executive Director. Authorization for NAFWS organized and/or sponsored training by the Executive Director is approved by the NAFWS President. All training will require registration that states at minimum the name of the trainee, the subject matter of the training and the contact information of the NAFWS employee managing the training. 


X00.4.2 Trainee Responsibility 


Whether onsite with NAFWS or with NAFWS partners, it is the trainees’ responsibility to attend and participate in all scheduled activities organized as part of the training. Trainees may only participate in training if they are officially registered and approved for it in advance. 



X00.4.3 Evaluations 


Upon satisfactory completion, the trainee maybe be asked to provide an evaluation or critique of the training. 


X00.4.4 Cancellation 


An individual can cancel registration for training without penalty by providing written notice at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the scheduled training. Any paid registration resulting in a no-show in violation of this clause will not receive a refund. Announcements of NAFWS trainings shall include notice of these cancellation and refund terms.  


X00.4.5 No-Shows 


In order to reduce the negative impact of high no-show incidents at NAFWS trainings where payment is necessary to attend, an individual (or their organization/agency) will be charged a no-show fee of $100 in the event the 2 weeks notice of cancellation is not provided.  A person’s failure to meet these training requirements is a violation of this Policy and will result in that person (1) being required to pay for registration for future NAFWS trainings in advance or (2) being subject to a one-year suspension of participation in any future specialized NAFWS training.  


In instances where NAFWS sponsored events are provided at no cost to members, failure to comply with this Policy will result in the suspension of participation of future training for a period of one year. 


These suspensions are necessary to minimize and/or eliminate no-show impacts to other members who cannot register for events due to training slots reaching capacity and impacts to program budgets of the NAFWS. 

Exceptions for the no-show clause are limited to unforeseen sickness or accident, family emergency, or death in the trainee’s immediate family. Written notice of such circumstance must be submitted to NAFWS as soon as possible. 


X00.4.6 Continuing Education Credits 


If applicable, continuing education credits may be available for professional development and attendance will be accounted for by NAFWS or lead instructor using a daily sign-in sheet. Any violation of this Policy will not result in endorsement of credits from the NAFWS. 


X00.4.7 Travel Reconciliation 


Any travel reconciliation associated with a person’s failure or inability to attend a NAFWS training event will be addressed in the NAFWS Travel Policy.