A national Native American non-profit organization, the Native American Fish & Wildlife Society, serves as a communication medium for self-determined Native American fish and wildlife managers.

We serve as a communication network between tribal, federal, and state fish and wildlife management entities.

Grants Notice, F20AS00019, 2020 National Fish Passage Program, Discretionary, Natural Resources

Are you aware of any obstacles to fish passage on Tribal lands, or in locations where Tribal fisheries are affected? The NFPP program provides direct technical and financial assistance to partners, including Tribes. The program works in partnership to provide fish (and other aquatic organisms) passage and restore aquatic connectivity for the benefit of federal trust resources.


In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic the Native American Fish and Wildlife Society (NAFWS) hosted a week of virtual roundtable discussions on how the Pandemic has affected Tribal Fish and Wildlife programs and natural resources. NAFWS hosted a total of 5 zoom meetings for 40 total participants during the week of July 14 – 17, 2020. The following REPORT contains responses and generalized themes captured during the discussions.