2023 Scholar

Angelisa Hoffman

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National: White Mountain Apache and San Carlos Apache, San Carlos Apache College

Angellisa Hoffman is an esteemed member of the White Mountain Apache tribe and the San Carlos Apache tribe. Raised in Cibecue, AZ, she embarked on an educational journey on the San Carlos Apache reservation, culminating in her graduation from San Carlos Apache High School. Her path led her to San Carlos Apache College, where her sincere commitment to environmental advocacy ignited. Angellisa’s journey has been diverse experiences across various tribal departments, including wildland firefighting, fire use, forestry aide, thinning and inventory crew, SWFF camp crew, Wildlife technician, and NRCS soil conservationist trainee. These engagements have enriched her understanding of tribal dynamics and environmental concerns. In 2023, Angellisa graduated with an Associate of Arts from San Carlos Apache College. She is poised to embark on a significant journey as she undertakes a USDA-NRCS Soil Conservation internship. Guided by a steadfast dedication to the environment, agriculture, and ecosystem comprehension, she aspires to contribute meaningfully to the tribes’ environmental endeavors. Beyond her immediate pursuits, Angellisa’s aspirations encompass fostering educational opportunities for Native Americans, minorities, and diverse cultural backgrounds. Her journey propels her toward a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources at Northern Arizona University, where she envisions harnessing her expertise for the betterment of her community and beyond. Angellisa’s unwavering dedication to community, environmental stewardship, and education positions her as an undeniable force for positive transformation.

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